How do you wear a leather jacket without looking rough?

Leather Jacket Motorcycle

If you have ever thought about getting a nice leather jacket, it’s not going to be an easy choice. There are so many options available out there and a bunch of them, well they can be a bit questionable. Sorting out the wheat from chaff will take your time and care.  If done right, a good men’s motorcycle leather jacket can also make you look like a classy gentlemen but if done wrong, you can look like an early-onset mid-life crisis. Unfortunately, it is too easy to get it done wrong. Yet this mistake can be avoided with a little care in selection.

Let’s take an example of the people who just got it right.

We have all been watching Dean Winchester busting and kicking ass of the bad supernatural creatures for long time on Supernatural. One thing that has been with that guy all the time is his Impala and his beloved leather jacket, yet he never ever seems to look rough in any way. Damon Salvatore from the vampire diaries does it even better, wearing that iconic black leather jacket he manages to look as sleek as anyone else would look wearing a tux!

Find the perfect match.

Nothing looks as classy as much as the color black and nothing is quite as classy as an all-black wear topped off with a nice leather jacket. Try wearing it with the Converse All-Star high top, jeans and a black or any dark colored T-Shirt, and don’t forget your sunglasses for the day.

For the casual days when you’re hanging out with your friends, a leather jacket will look nice with a pair of cuffed jeans, white T-shirt and a plaid flannel shirt that is wrapped around your waist casually if you need that extra warmth. This look will seem nice and casual and will soften the rough look.

Don’t be afraid of the color. Any color can look sleek and stylish if it’s done right. Don’t limit yourself to black, thinking that it is the only way you won’t look rough. Browns and Maroons yet may seem risky but with the right combination they will look on point.

For the smarter occasions, for example, going to work on a fine chilly November morning, the leather jacket is excellent option to finish off your ideal look with the suit trousers, a nice shirt and a scarf. Or try wearing it with a pair of chinos or a smart pair of black jeans, if the office you work in has a smart or casual dress code.

Black leather jackets are excellent to wear on a night out as they go along with pretty much everything. They can highly smarten up your look. A night out wearing a leather jacket is your perfect opportunity to look sleek and stylish.

It is very important to understand that getting it done wrong can possibly make you look like a rock ‘n’ roll type. Try adding some color to your outfit and wear with a colored or printed T-shirt and for something kind of slicker or try wearing if with a shirt or a plain white T-shirt, it will look great. Put on a smart pair of dark jeans with a pair of all-black trainers, if it’s a more low-key night out.

Broadly speaking, the leather is a casual material, but it’s not rough. It’s not a business outfit, and it certainly is not strict boardroom formality either. You can successfully throw a slim leather jacket on a dress shirt and a tie, paired with wool slacks and a pair shiny black leather shoes, and it will definitely pass muster among the younger businessmen in a relatively informal setting after office.

It is really worth finding the right one for you and its perfect match.